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Fawn and Brindle Great Danes and Cappy



June 7, 1984 - October 4, 1999

Although he was not a Great Dane, world traveler, Cappy, kept up with the big boys!

Today I lost my buddy, my friend, my sweet Cappy. I held him in my arms while he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

He was a griend to everyone he met, both human and animal. He loved my Danes and they loved him. He had a heart as big as the big boys. Being almost 16 years old, Cappy grew up with all my Danes, from my first one almost 20 years ago.

Cappy had such a loving disposition that he was photographed a lot. He was featured in the Workman 365 Dogs A Year calendar as December 25, 1999.

We will miss him terribly and hope that someday we will meet and cross the bridge together.

We love you lil boy

Mom, Dad, Remy and Dusty