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April 3, 2001 - October 26, 2002

Tazio was a unique pup. His mom and dad, Marybeth and John doted on this sweet boy. He had personality plus and loved everything and everyone. He was also mischevious, but in a cute sense. Hes life was cut way too short at a mere 18 months by something that is not very well known.

His death was due to liver failure from ingesting a Sago Palm nut. These Palms are fairly common in many states and they are used very widely in landscaping.

The following link has more information on this deadly plant to animals. http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/sago-palm/

Tazio was going to start his show career just one day after his death. He is very missed by us all. Rest well sweet prince. We love you!